The Aurther

I think Sophie will move in the castle with the queen. And BFG will go back to giant country. And they will all live happily ever after

Feeding Time

In the chapter Feeding Time BFG throws snozzcumbers in the hole with the 9 giants to eat for the rest of their lives. I wonder whats going to happen in the last chapter.


The last chapters are like the one that we read today the BFG and Sophie had a Royal Breakfast! Its about a breakfast talking about the 9 giants:). Catching the dream is also awesome. BFG and Sophie traveled to a underwater tree. Where all the dreams are. BFG was trying to catch a really good Read More…


My favorite part is the chapter Of Frobscottle and Wizzpoppers. It’s about Sophie and BFG drink frobscottle and they wizzpop. Frobscottle is a giants drink,Wizzpoping is a gross noise that you hear. 🙂 #Awesome #Epic

Our Mystery Skype

Today(October 4) we had a mystery Skype. We Skyped with people from Wisconsin. We were excited about our first mystery Skype. It was a mystery because Mrs. Gollings told us just today. Anyway even if she did we were still excited we couldn’t stop talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trouble Makers

Trouble Makers I was on my way to Prince Albert and something was jumping around in my suit case? I opened it up and it was Speedy and Flash(hamsters) playing with my little teddy bears! I said what are you doing here? We want to watch your gymnastics competition! Flash said. Why. Kayli asked. We Read More…